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Breast Cancer Survival

The clinical stage of breast cancer is the best indicator for prognosis (probable outcome), in addition to some other factors. Five-year survival rates for individuals with breast cancer who receive appropriate treatment are approximately:
95% for stage 0
88% for stage I
66% for stage II
36% for stage III
7% for stage IV

Please go to our page about Mammograms for more up to date information about Breast Cancer prevention and treatment. For info on the use of Prempro Premarin and the development of Breast Cancer please click here. For more in-depth resources about Breast Cancer, please check our Links page. For the latest news regarding Breast Cancer prevention please click here. Click here for more information on Breast Cancer misdiagnosis. Click here to find the prognosis and probable survival rates for Breast Cancer. For a list of some Breast Cancer symptoms click here.

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